Street Performance/Art

In Singapore, it is not quite common to find street performers along the streets. There are only singers and people who play musical instruments who perform along crowded streets.  However they are very rare.

When I came to Europe, I experienced what street performance is all about. I realized that there are many other talented people who busk along the streets and even on the public transportation such as the train. Besides singing or playing a musical instrument, there are some street artists as well. They draw pictures on the floor using spray paint, or even perform dangerous stunts!

Well, here’s an overview of the many different street performances I have witnessed.

Role Play/Costumes

In Covent Garden in London, there are many people who dress up in costumes and role play the different characters. It is funny to see people dressed up! I saw a faceless man, Mr Bottle man, a golden statue, a pirate, a silver gladiator and a dog in a kennel.

They not only dress up, they also act out their roles. For example, the pirate will speak with a ‘pirate’ accent and will walk as though he is drunk. It is really amusing.


In Koln, I found artist who used the floor as their canvas. They used chalk and spray paint to draw on the floor! It is really interesting. The drawings that they drew were so life-like and real. They were beautiful and were true works of art. The artists are so talented. I was blown away by their talent.


This duo is very interesting. The guy playing the saxophone is carrying the guitar guy. Can you imagine how hard that is? Well, if you want to see them perform live, you can spot them at the entrance of the flea market at Arkonaplatz. Besides that, I found a marching band playing music very entertaining as they had movements accompanying their music.


Dangerous stunts are also performed. For example, this man is balancing on his stomache high up in the air and he is attempting to juggle. Well, it is very difficult to do that and I felt quite scared for him when I watched him as I was worried for his safety as it was very dangerous.

I feel that they are talented people. Some of them are really good and very entertaining. Sometimes, I wonder why people busk. Is because they can’t find a job? Or is it because they are independent artist who are just waiting for their opportunity to make it in the entertainment industry?

Bye (: