Corrine May – Singer/Songwriter

The first time I heard a Corrinne May song was on the radio 3 years ago. Since then, I have become a fan of hers by following her on Facebook and listening to her songs regularly. The belief of hope, of looking beneath the surface, and seeking a deeper beauty and meaning to the everyday moments of life; have driven and inspired singer-songwriter Corrinne May.

Her songs are so moving and inspiring that it makes you want to listen to more of her songs. Corrinne May writes her own original songs, which I feel is meaningful as some pop songs nowadays are so generic and uncreative. The melodies of her songs are very catchy, and will make you want to sing along with her. I also feel that she has a soulful voice which she can use to make an impact on people and create a lasting impression.

Her latest album is titled “Beautiful Seed” and for the title song, Corrinne May reflected about the sanctity of life, the reality that we all began life, in essence as a ‘seed’, and the difference one person’s life can make.  She explains: “My goal in writing a lot of these songs was to make an album full of hope, full of optimistic joy. I think we often forget how the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things can have such beautiful possibilities. All it takes is one person to make a difference in this world. People like Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. testify to this fact. But often, we are so afraid to try, to speak up, or to make a difference.”

In August 2007, I attended her concert in Singapore’s University Cultural Center Hall where she debut her “Beautiful Seed” album to a sold-out concert. I was very excited as it was the first time that I will be hearing Corrine May sing on a live stage. She was a great performer and entertained the crowd with her humor. The audiences were mesmerized by her songs and voice. After that, I even managed to get her autograph and took a picture with her! She was a really nice and friendly person up close.

I feel that Corrinne May is indeed a very talented singer-songwriter. I really look forward to her future albums and concerts. She always has something new to showcase to the music arena in terms of her musical style and original songs.

I especially like this song titled ‘Journey’ and is featured in Corrine May’s debut album titled “Fly Away”. I really like this song as the words are meaningful and reflect what we may feel during emotional times. Life is indeed a long, long journey. Hope you enjoy it too.

Bye (:


My Neighbourhood

In class today, Mr Birkenkrahe taught us how to use Microsoft Visio to create a Business Information System diagram. I found this software very interesting as it enables you to create a visual aid to help you explain some stuff more clearly than using words.

I made a picture of my neighbourhood, Tanah Merah, in Singapore using the tools and shapes. It was really addictive to play around with the tools.

This is the environment that I grew up in. As you can see, it is densely populated and there are a lot of buildings cluttered together, unlike in Berlin. Being closely built, you can go everywhere on foot and all the different amenities are located nearby for your convenience!

Well, if you have the opportunity, you can come visit Singapore and see the difference in buildings and environment. In Singapore, there are many high-rise buildings meant for commercial and residential usage. I used to live on the 21st floor!

Microsoft Visio is a really cool software. I will install this programme and use it for future projects or just for fun!

Bye (:

Being in a foreign country

The thought of being away from the comfort of your home can be quite overwhelming at times. However, once you think about all the new adventures that await you when you step out of your comfort zone, you will feel excited and happy. I felt FREE when I arrived in Berlin for my 5-month student exchange programme. Learning to be independent is something which a textbook can’t teach. It has to be nurtured and experienced.

Arriving in Berlin was exciting. I was full of hope and excitement as it was the first time I was away from home for a long period of time and I hoped that it will be a fun learning experience. However, being in a foreign country, one has to adapt to the climate and environment. When your surroundings seem strange and unfamiliar to you, the feeling starts to overwhelm you. But once you get adjusted and settled into a routine, life in Berlin starts to feel normal. And, most importantly, it starts to feel like HOME!

But, during my first few days here, there were a few hiccups here and there. It’s the same for anyone who has ever been to a new country with a whole different culture.

Here’s some tips when you’re in a foregin country:

  • Know sign-language or simple hand gestures. It’s exceptionally helpful when you don’t know the spoken language. For example, you can use your fingers to ask how much the price of an object is.
  • Be smiley (: Being cheerful and having a smile on your face always helps. No matter if the weather is terribly cold, you’ll enjoy yourself throughout the whole trip. Just smiling to strangers on the trams or trains also helps, because you’d never know when your smile can brighten someone’s day.
  • Know polite phrases or words in the native language. For example, ‘bitte’ and ‘danke’ in German, which respectively mean ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in English. 

Those are some personal tips that I find useful to me. Till now, I still use them on a daily basis as I have yet to master the German language.

Coming from sunny Singapore, being in Berlin has been a whole new change. Different climate, culture and people. But I find that it is a whole new world where I have to live and grow in. It’s a nice feeling to be independent. Hope that I’ll become a better person after this 5 months.

If you want to know about Singapore, the city that I come from, please feel free to ask me (maybe I’ll even blog about in the future!)

Till next time, ta ta!  (: