Sunday = Flea Market Day <3

In Berlin and in most European countries, Sunday is a rest day. This means that most shops, even supermarkets don’t open. If you feel like doing something on a sunny Sunday, you could head on down to flea markets. There are many flea markets in Berlin. For instance, there’s one @ Straße des 17 Juni Tiergarten (this is considered to be for tourist), and another one @ Arkonaplatz Mitte.

I have been to the one at Mitte 3 times and absolutely love it! You’d never know what you will find. A person’s junk could be someone’s treasure! I could spend the whole afternoon down there, slowly looking at every store, browsing thru their goods. It’s a different experience of shopping all together. Unlike shopping in the comfort of air-conditioned stores, shopping at a flea market could be a hot and sticky affair. That’s because there’s so many stalls and people that you will feel hot and crowded.

At Arkonaplatz, I managed to find some great buys. At flea markets, as some goods are second-hand, you can bargain for a better price, which is a good place for students like me. I managed to grab this second-hand bag and bracelet for just €1 each! Oh, I tried boulette too. The thick meat patty was so delicious and filling! I even sat down under the shade and heard a guy singing jazz songs. It was relaxing and fun!

In Singapore, we don’t have flea markets. Instead, we have Pasar Malams’, it’s malay for night market. It is because most stalls only open at night as that is the time when people are free as they have just finished work or school, so it will be crowded and busy. These markets tend to sell not only bags and clothes, but also food! They sell the famous Ramly burger (pictured below) which is cheap and it tastes heavenly!

I love flea markets!! Maybe I’ll visit other flea markets in Berlin. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Bye (:

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