A restaurant experience in Berlin – Eating Pork Knuckles!

Pork Knuckles @ Georg Braeu

When my sister came to visit me, I wanted to bring her to eat traditional German food. So I went online and searched for a restaurant to take her to. There were several restaurants that popped up, but I chose to visit Georg Braeu because of their rave reviews.

Georg Braeu is centrally located and is within walking distance from the Berliner Dome. When we reached there, the place was packed with people. We had to wait to find seats indoors as it was cold sitting outside. The place exuded a warm atmosphere, partly because there were a many people, but mainly because of the warm lighting used as well as a comfortable dining area.

We ordered the famous roasted Pork Knuckles. We didn’t realize how huge it was until the waitress served us the plate. IT WAS HUGE! It was served together with sauerkraut and potatoes. We had to stuff ourselves in order to eat finish the whole thing. But it was worth it. The meat was tender and the juice of the meat spilled out with every bite.

Even though the bill amounted to €30.45 (which was considered a lot to a student like me), it was truly an experience eating traditional German food in a traditional restaurant. I wouldn’t mind going to other restaurants and try other German food.

Bye (:

p.s: Here’s the link to Georg Braeu’s website for more information about the address and opening hours as well as for their menu list: http://www.georgbraeu.de/