My Neighbourhood

In class today, Mr Birkenkrahe taught us how to use Microsoft Visio to create a Business Information System diagram. I found this software very interesting as it enables you to create a visual aid to help you explain some stuff more clearly than using words.

I made a picture of my neighbourhood, Tanah Merah, in Singapore using the tools and shapes. It was really addictive to play around with the tools.

This is the environment that I grew up in. As you can see, it is densely populated and there are a lot of buildings cluttered together, unlike in Berlin. Being closely built, you can go everywhere on foot and all the different amenities are located nearby for your convenience!

Well, if you have the opportunity, you can come visit Singapore and see the difference in buildings and environment. In Singapore, there are many high-rise buildings meant for commercial and residential usage. I used to live on the 21st floor!

Microsoft Visio is a really cool software. I will install this programme and use it for future projects or just for fun!

Bye (: