Street Performance/Art

In Singapore, it is not quite common to find street performers along the streets. There are only singers and people who play musical instruments who perform along crowded streets.  However they are very rare.

When I came to Europe, I experienced what street performance is all about. I realized that there are many other talented people who busk along the streets and even on the public transportation such as the train. Besides singing or playing a musical instrument, there are some street artists as well. They draw pictures on the floor using spray paint, or even perform dangerous stunts!

Well, here’s an overview of the many different street performances I have witnessed.

Role Play/Costumes

In Covent Garden in London, there are many people who dress up in costumes and role play the different characters. It is funny to see people dressed up! I saw a faceless man, Mr Bottle man, a golden statue, a pirate, a silver gladiator and a dog in a kennel.

They not only dress up, they also act out their roles. For example, the pirate will speak with a ‘pirate’ accent and will walk as though he is drunk. It is really amusing.


In Koln, I found artist who used the floor as their canvas. They used chalk and spray paint to draw on the floor! It is really interesting. The drawings that they drew were so life-like and real. They were beautiful and were true works of art. The artists are so talented. I was blown away by their talent.


This duo is very interesting. The guy playing the saxophone is carrying the guitar guy. Can you imagine how hard that is? Well, if you want to see them perform live, you can spot them at the entrance of the flea market at Arkonaplatz. Besides that, I found a marching band playing music very entertaining as they had movements accompanying their music.


Dangerous stunts are also performed. For example, this man is balancing on his stomache high up in the air and he is attempting to juggle. Well, it is very difficult to do that and I felt quite scared for him when I watched him as I was worried for his safety as it was very dangerous.

I feel that they are talented people. Some of them are really good and very entertaining. Sometimes, I wonder why people busk. Is because they can’t find a job? Or is it because they are independent artist who are just waiting for their opportunity to make it in the entertainment industry?

Bye (:



Another show that I watched in London was “We Will Rock You”the musical of Queen and Ben Elton.  It was held at The Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road, London.  Greeting you at the entrance to the theatre is a huge statue of Freddie Mecury, who is the lead vocalist and songwriter of the rock band Queen.

So far, 11 million people have watched this show! It is indeed a worldwide success and is shown in many countries.

Here’s a brief storyline:

The story is set in the future where Earth’s name has been changed to Planet Mall. Everywhere on the planet, people watch the same movies, listen to computer-generated music, wear the same clothes and hold the same thoughts and opinions. Musical instruments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is unknown. They are controlled by the Worldwide mega-corporation Globalsoft, which is headed by the “Killer Queen”. Those who dare to stand against Globalsoft are kidnapped and “brain stormed” into submission.

However, there is a small group of Bohemians” who attempts to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion, and live music. Galileo Figaro is the hero who can restore freedom.Together with his love interest, Scaramouche, Galileo joins with the Bohemians to find the lost guitar of Queen, and overthrow Globalsoft. However, when the Bohemians are captured and brain stormed, Galileo and Scaramouche are forced to flee for their lives…

Hmm, I’d better not give you the ending. You will have to go and watch it yourself. The storyline is thin, but the main attraction is the great music and sound effect, as well as a great stage set and costumes.

All the songs that they sang were All-Time favourite hits. They were all Queen classics such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Somebody to Love’, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘We are the Champions’ and many more. I felt that the songs were very catchy and the tune remained stuck in my head until a week later. The songs were very loud and the actors were very energetic and really engaged the crowd very much.

It was a musical and a live concert at the same time! I really loved this musical and enjoyed myself very much. It is definitely a must-see! Guess what? It’s coming to Berlin this October!! Do catch it! You won’t regret it, I promise.

Here’s a poster I saw at the S-Bahn Station.

Bye (:

p.s: For more information on the concert details such as venue,dates and ticket price, please visit “We Will Rock You” official website @

The Phatom of the Opera

London is a city full of musicals. So, when I visited London, I had to grab the opportunity to watch a musical. After some recommendation from friends, I decided to watch the famous musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’.  It is the longest running Broadway show and is very lucrative as many people still want to watch it.

‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is based on the novel by French writer Gaston Leroux. However, it is most well-known as a musical which is adapted by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The set and costumes were amazing. The actors were also very good and they managed to engage the audience. It has a very interesting storyline and the love that the Phantom had for Christine is so strong and overwhelming that it will move you and may seem scary and possesive at times. Overall, I think that it is worth it to watch this musical as it is really very good.

Recently, a sequel to ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ titled ‘Love Never Dies’ has been released. I have yet to watch it and hope to watch it soon as I believe it will be a splendid production.

Bye (:

Chinese Food

Yup, as a Chinese, I am proud that there are many Chinese dishes that are delicious and well-loved by people from all over the world!

When I went to London, I could not help but miss eating Chinese food. So, I visited the Four Seasons  Restaurant @ 12 Gerrard Street Chinatown in London.


Four Seasons is famous for their roast duck, as you can see by looking at the roast ducks hung up for display at the front of their shop.

The Chinese usually eat plain white rice with a lot of different dishes which flavours range from hot & spicy to sweet & sour. Normally, the whole table will be filled with many dishes. It is a sight to behold. Now, let me introduce you to some famous Chinese dishes!

Roast Duck, 烧鸭 


Four Seasons uses their own secret recipe to marinate the duck. After that, the duck is then roasted  until the skin becomes crispy and the meat is juicy. It was simply wonderful. As it is cooked using the Hong Kong style, I feel that it tastes better than the roast duck that I eat in Singapore. What a surprise! Although it is fattening to eat the skin, I still ate it as that is the best part of the dish as it is crispy and the meat tastes better when eaten together with the skin too.

Sweet & Sour Pork, 酸甜猪肉


I absolutely love this dish. It is one of my favourite Chinese dishes. It tastes sweet and sour at the same time because pineapples are added to the dish to give it its sour taste. The pork is coated with flour and then deep fried, so that it is crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside. Furthermore, it is easy to eat as the meat is cut into bite-sized pieces, so you can just pop it into your mouth.

Tofu, 豆腐


Tofu is another one of my favourites. I eat Tofu almost daily in Singapore! It apparently makes your skin look smooth and silky. It is healthy as it is made from soya milk and is low in calories but high in calcium, so it is good for your bones. Although it tastes a bit bland on its own, it is normally cooked with a sauce or together with vegetables to give it some taste.

Char Siew & Roasted Pork, 叉烧烧肉


The pork is roasted until the skin is crispy, and is prepared the same way as the duck. The meat is tender and the salty sauce is quite addictive. This is a popular dish too as it is a good combination when eaten together with rice.

I highly recommend this place as the ambiance is homely and the food is good. Furthermore, the price is reasonable for the standard of food. However, do take note that the service may be a bit bad as the place is always full and they have many customers and orders. But I suppose the most important factor is that the food is delicious!

Maybe I’ll visit a Chinese restaurant in Berlin and find out if it tastes good or not.

Bye (:

p.s: For more information on Four Seasons Restaurant in London, please visit their website @