Blogging fears

Blogs have been around for quite some time now. And it’s only until recently that I created my own blog. Why is this so? Well, there’s many fears about blogging that prevented me from starting one earlier.

Firstly, I’m afriad that I may not have a good style of writing and my blog will not have a nice cohesive flow to it. It also feels weird reading what I have already wrote because it may sound dumb and senseless. Or that I am not funny or interesting as compared to other people and my life does not have any happening events that can be described using words.  I may also lack creativity and may not have any topic to write about my feelings. Lastly, I’m afraid that I may not have viewers or friends visiting my blog. This has got to be the most dreadful thing… Having a blog which no one else but yourself reading it. Well, it also depends on whether you respect your own privacy. If no one else reads my blog, there’s no intrusion of my privacy. My blog will just be for my own eyes, it will just be my little own personal space in the wide world of the internet.That will be quite cool and awesome (:

Well, that’s my fears about blogging. Hope I overcome them because I like the idea of blogging, about having a personal online journal about my life. It will be nice to have a reference about my life so I won’t forget about stuff!