Street Performance/Art

In Singapore, it is not quite common to find street performers along the streets. There are only singers and people who play musical instruments who perform along crowded streets.  However they are very rare.

When I came to Europe, I experienced what street performance is all about. I realized that there are many other talented people who busk along the streets and even on the public transportation such as the train. Besides singing or playing a musical instrument, there are some street artists as well. They draw pictures on the floor using spray paint, or even perform dangerous stunts!

Well, here’s an overview of the many different street performances I have witnessed.

Role Play/Costumes

In Covent Garden in London, there are many people who dress up in costumes and role play the different characters. It is funny to see people dressed up! I saw a faceless man, Mr Bottle man, a golden statue, a pirate, a silver gladiator and a dog in a kennel.

They not only dress up, they also act out their roles. For example, the pirate will speak with a ‘pirate’ accent and will walk as though he is drunk. It is really amusing.


In Koln, I found artist who used the floor as their canvas. They used chalk and spray paint to draw on the floor! It is really interesting. The drawings that they drew were so life-like and real. They were beautiful and were true works of art. The artists are so talented. I was blown away by their talent.


This duo is very interesting. The guy playing the saxophone is carrying the guitar guy. Can you imagine how hard that is? Well, if you want to see them perform live, you can spot them at the entrance of the flea market at Arkonaplatz. Besides that, I found a marching band playing music very entertaining as they had movements accompanying their music.


Dangerous stunts are also performed. For example, this man is balancing on his stomache high up in the air and he is attempting to juggle. Well, it is very difficult to do that and I felt quite scared for him when I watched him as I was worried for his safety as it was very dangerous.

I feel that they are talented people. Some of them are really good and very entertaining. Sometimes, I wonder why people busk. Is because they can’t find a job? Or is it because they are independent artist who are just waiting for their opportunity to make it in the entertainment industry?

Bye (:


My Berlin Cooking Experience

In Singapore, I hardly cook. Usually, Uripah, my domestic worker, will be the one who cooks. If not, food is cheap and can be easily bought from hawker centers. Sometimes it is even cheaper to buy from outside rather than cook it yourself.But here in Berlin, where I want to become more independent, I have started to cook some simple dishes.

Instant Noodles

The first thing that I cook was instant noodles and eggs. Instant noodle is one of the greatest inventions by the Japanese. It is so convenient to cook and it provides a filling meal. But of course, you can’t eat this everyday as there is a lot of MSG(sodium) which is bad for your health. Yes, it is easy and fast to cook, it only takes 3 minutes, but I was quite proud of myself when it was completed.


Yes, the all-time favourite thing amongst students is Spaghetti. It is also easy to cook as you only need to buy the sauce and add it to the noodles. Furthermore, it is very filling as well. I normally cook sausages and an egg to go with the noodles, so that I can have a complete meal.

Fish Fingers & Sausage

Actually, this is not counted as cooking; it’s just merely heating up frozen food like fish fingers and putting the sausages into the oven. And after 15 minutes, you have a meal!

Hmm, it sounds as if I can’t cook. But that’s really the case. I really can’t. I have some friends here who can whip up a nice hearty meal. For instance, they can cook beef stew and white asparagus. Well, I guess I should learn from them and experiment myself. I have 2 more months to try and experiment. Who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love with cooking.

Bye (:

My Neighbourhood

In class today, Mr Birkenkrahe taught us how to use Microsoft Visio to create a Business Information System diagram. I found this software very interesting as it enables you to create a visual aid to help you explain some stuff more clearly than using words.

I made a picture of my neighbourhood, Tanah Merah, in Singapore using the tools and shapes. It was really addictive to play around with the tools.

This is the environment that I grew up in. As you can see, it is densely populated and there are a lot of buildings cluttered together, unlike in Berlin. Being closely built, you can go everywhere on foot and all the different amenities are located nearby for your convenience!

Well, if you have the opportunity, you can come visit Singapore and see the difference in buildings and environment. In Singapore, there are many high-rise buildings meant for commercial and residential usage. I used to live on the 21st floor!

Microsoft Visio is a really cool software. I will install this programme and use it for future projects or just for fun!

Bye (:

Sunday = Flea Market Day <3

In Berlin and in most European countries, Sunday is a rest day. This means that most shops, even supermarkets don’t open. If you feel like doing something on a sunny Sunday, you could head on down to flea markets. There are many flea markets in Berlin. For instance, there’s one @ Straße des 17 Juni Tiergarten (this is considered to be for tourist), and another one @ Arkonaplatz Mitte.

I have been to the one at Mitte 3 times and absolutely love it! You’d never know what you will find. A person’s junk could be someone’s treasure! I could spend the whole afternoon down there, slowly looking at every store, browsing thru their goods. It’s a different experience of shopping all together. Unlike shopping in the comfort of air-conditioned stores, shopping at a flea market could be a hot and sticky affair. That’s because there’s so many stalls and people that you will feel hot and crowded.

At Arkonaplatz, I managed to find some great buys. At flea markets, as some goods are second-hand, you can bargain for a better price, which is a good place for students like me. I managed to grab this second-hand bag and bracelet for just €1 each! Oh, I tried boulette too. The thick meat patty was so delicious and filling! I even sat down under the shade and heard a guy singing jazz songs. It was relaxing and fun!

In Singapore, we don’t have flea markets. Instead, we have Pasar Malams’, it’s malay for night market. It is because most stalls only open at night as that is the time when people are free as they have just finished work or school, so it will be crowded and busy. These markets tend to sell not only bags and clothes, but also food! They sell the famous Ramly burger (pictured below) which is cheap and it tastes heavenly!

I love flea markets!! Maybe I’ll visit other flea markets in Berlin. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Bye (:

p.s: For more information on flea markets in Berlin, please visit:

Another Berlin Food Haunt <3

Fish & Chips @ NORDSEE

Yup, that’s correct. Nordsee is the place to satisfy your fish/seafood cravings. To me, it is like the fast-food chain for fish and chips and fish burgers. That’s because there’s always a Nordsee nearby and their service is fast and efficient. The prices are also quite reasonable too, with Fish & Chips and the XXL Fish Burger selling for just €2.99!

I love the way they serve their Fish & Chips in. It looks like a cone stuffed with delicious food. It is a unique way to serve it in especially if people order a take-away.

Hmm, maybe one day, someone will buy their franchising rights and open a Nordsee outlet in Singapore! Well, let’s hope that it happens, then, I can satisfy my cravings back in Singapore. I am sure it will be a bit hit amongst Singaporeans.


Yes, Germany is famous for their Brautwurst! The Brautwurst is a long sausage served together with a bun, tomato and mustard sauce. It was my first time trying the sausage and I loved it. It’s different from those frozen sausages that we have in Singapore. The meat taste fresh and is chewy too. It’s good to eat this on a cold and rainy day because the Brautwurst is pippin hot and will surely be a joy to eat. It is affordable too, with a price range of €1.20-1.50.

Near shopping centers, there are many guys who carry their stalls on their backs. This is an interesting sight as there is no such thing in Singapore. I admire them as they are able to multi-task and stand on their feet all day long. I observed how they operate and found out that they are very skillful. It only takes them less than 1 minute to serve a brautwurst with bun! So it’s good for people who are rushing for time and want to have a quick snack or for afternoon tea.

Bye (:

A restaurant experience in Berlin – Eating Pork Knuckles!

Pork Knuckles @ Georg Braeu

When my sister came to visit me, I wanted to bring her to eat traditional German food. So I went online and searched for a restaurant to take her to. There were several restaurants that popped up, but I chose to visit Georg Braeu because of their rave reviews.

Georg Braeu is centrally located and is within walking distance from the Berliner Dome. When we reached there, the place was packed with people. We had to wait to find seats indoors as it was cold sitting outside. The place exuded a warm atmosphere, partly because there were a many people, but mainly because of the warm lighting used as well as a comfortable dining area.

We ordered the famous roasted Pork Knuckles. We didn’t realize how huge it was until the waitress served us the plate. IT WAS HUGE! It was served together with sauerkraut and potatoes. We had to stuff ourselves in order to eat finish the whole thing. But it was worth it. The meat was tender and the juice of the meat spilled out with every bite.

Even though the bill amounted to €30.45 (which was considered a lot to a student like me), it was truly an experience eating traditional German food in a traditional restaurant. I wouldn’t mind going to other restaurants and try other German food.

Bye (:

p.s: Here’s the link to Georg Braeu’s website for more information about the address and opening hours as well as for their menu list:

Berlin Food <3

I love eating good food. Eating good food is an enjoyment in life, especially if it’s one of the most famous food in Berlin. There are many good food in Berlin, but Berlin is famous for Currywurst and Doner Kebab!


Currywurst is basically just sausage with a spicy sauce added to it. Although it sounds so-so, it tastes good. The sausage is so thick and the sauce has a unique flavor to it. It is sprinkled with paprika flakes on the top, to give it an extra ounce of spiciness. It is usually eaten with fries or bread. I love it because I love spicy food, especially curry.

‘Curry 36’ located @ the exit of the U-Bahn Mehringdamm station is the most popular stall with the locals and tourists. There is always a queue there, but fret not, the queuing time is quite short as they provide a fast service.

Doner Kebab

Doner kebab is a Turkish dish, however, there are many stalls selling this Turkish delight! Almost every street will have a stall selling it. As you can see from the picture, it looks so appetizing with the bun being stuffed with meat and vegetables. Oh my, just by looking at the picture, it makes me drool. It is also fun to eat it as it will be a messy affair. You will have to take a BIG BITE, if not, the filling will drop out and trust me, you wouldn’t want to waste that.

To try a doner kebab, I would recommend the stall ‘Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebap’ located @ the exit of the U-Bahn Mehringdamm station. There’s always a long queue of people waiting to grab their doner! Well, their secret is that they use chicken meat instead of pork, which makes the meat tenderer and juicier. They also add potatoes into the doner, which is indeed a special and surprising addition because I love potatoes.

Here’s a shout-out to local Berliners: If you happen to know any stall which sells good Currywurst and Doner Kebab, please tell me! I would love to try other stalls and give my review.

Bye (:

p.s: To get your fix of food, go to the U-Bahn Mehringdamm station. You can get both the Currywurst and Doner Kebab (:

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