My Berlin Cooking Experience

In Singapore, I hardly cook. Usually, Uripah, my domestic worker, will be the one who cooks. If not, food is cheap and can be easily bought from hawker centers. Sometimes it is even cheaper to buy from outside rather than cook it yourself.But here in Berlin, where I want to become more independent, I have started to cook some simple dishes.

Instant Noodles

The first thing that I cook was instant noodles and eggs. Instant noodle is one of the greatest inventions by the Japanese. It is so convenient to cook and it provides a filling meal. But of course, you can’t eat this everyday as there is a lot of MSG(sodium) which is bad for your health. Yes, it is easy and fast to cook, it only takes 3 minutes, but I was quite proud of myself when it was completed.


Yes, the all-time favourite thing amongst students is Spaghetti. It is also easy to cook as you only need to buy the sauce and add it to the noodles. Furthermore, it is very filling as well. I normally cook sausages and an egg to go with the noodles, so that I can have a complete meal.

Fish Fingers & Sausage

Actually, this is not counted as cooking; it’s just merely heating up frozen food like fish fingers and putting the sausages into the oven. And after 15 minutes, you have a meal!

Hmm, it sounds as if I can’t cook. But that’s really the case. I really can’t. I have some friends here who can whip up a nice hearty meal. For instance, they can cook beef stew and white asparagus. Well, I guess I should learn from them and experiment myself. I have 2 more months to try and experiment. Who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love with cooking.

Bye (:


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  1. rainypanda
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 00:56:19

    Hi Joyce! Nice blog here =)

    Your food looks tasty as well. and i do agree that instant noodles is sooo good as its convenient and tasty at times!

    Alright, let’s cook together soon.



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